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        Assurance of Sensing Certification (ASC, SENSING TRUSTING (SHANGHAI) CERTIFICATION INSTITUTION) is an independent, Impartiality and professional third-party certification organization approved by CNCA(Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People''s Republic of China) and CNAS, approval number: CNCA-R-2017-355. Our company is the first financial/insurance service certification organization approved by CNCA in Shanghai, and the third in China at the same time.

         Our company is in Shanghai which is a international financial city, we can provide customers with high-quality and professional financial services certification, such as bank branches service certification, online securities trading service certification, mobile financial technology service certification, financial password application service certification and financial security vehicle personalization service capability certification, etc.

    Our company will follow the impartiality of the statement and secrecy rules strictly, and we will always adhere to the company's quality policy: "justice, integrity, scientific and efficient, innovation and outstanding", to provide customers with high quality and satisfactory service. Our company will provide customers with high quality and reliable certification services under the management of CNCACCAACNAS, etc.